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Welcome to the Lottery Number Generator Plus Web Utility (LNG+) — possibly the most unique and comprehensive tool of its kind on the Web! LNG+ is not a simple quick-pick lottery number generator, like so many found on the Web today. This tool presents many strategy-defining options to our visitors! Lottery numbers are generated from one or more game distribution profiles derived from historic lottery data and human psychological factors. Profiles can then be combined to form personalized lottery number selection strategies. New game distribution profiles are calculated after each game drawing and then fully disclosed in the Weblog. Check out our tutorials; and then select a game from the menu on the right to get started!

Lottery Math

Are you curious about how lottery odds are calculated? The Lottery Math page will describe game fundamentals and present the algorithms used to calculate the game distribution profiles used by LNG+.


The Weblog posts include articles that are entertaining and educational. Additionally, current game distribution profiles are fully disclosed after each drawing, and the most recent lottery game results are posted on the site. Currently, national lottery results for Powerball, Mega Millions and Decades of Dollars are included in the results.

Site Guides and Help

The Site Guides and Help page provides LNG+ instructions and useful tutorials. Watch the introductory video to help you get started!

LNG+ Features

  • LNG+ will allow users to manually select some numbers while auto-generating others.
  • The auto-generator can favor less-frequently drawn numbers, more-frequently drawn numbers, or favor both!
  • The auto-generator can favor numbers based on their historical periodicity.
  • The auto-generator can favor numbers that fall outside the date-significant range, which might reduce your odds of sharing a jackpot with another player!
  • For any given lottery game and play date, auto-generated numbers will never be duplicated.
  • LNG+ will soon utilize a true random number generator, based on the decay of a radioactive substance.
  • The tool is completely free to the public.

Under Construction

This site is currently under construction, but most features are scheduled to be online before the end of the year. Please stop back often to check our progress.

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